Container rental is very popular. It is a very convenient form for a construction site facility that can be quickly set, without significant financial resources, and avoids problems and expenses of storage of containers during the investment downtime.


We rent containers comprehensively, providing:

  • container loading at the factory
  • transport
  • unloading at the indicated place
  • assembly of container sets

We offer rental of the following types of containers:

  • office
  • storage
  • sanitary
  • cloakroom
  • welfare units

The standard 6 m x 2,5 m, 6 m x 3 m containers (or other) produced by us constitute the office, social and sanitary base of construction facilities. Such facility can be organized using independent free-standing segments or multi-segment sets. In case the area for the facility is scarce, the containers can be set in a 2-storey or even a 3-storey system.


Customized approach


In addition to typical containers for construction sites, customized containers and multi-segment sets for other purposes are also available, e.g. technical containers, gatehouses, objects for services, commercial facilities, etc. In case of non-standard containers and multi-segment sets, our representatives provide professional assistance in specifying the needs of the recipient regarding the size of the facility, its functions, room arrangement and finishing standard.


Transport & assembly of containers


HEPAMOS provides domestic and foreign transport. Detached containers are transported as a whole and do not require assembly. In case of multi-segment sets, each segment is transported separately. The combination in a set is made at the destination site by our assembly team.