Designing & Turn-key Implementation

The modular technology is a great response to the current market needs in the field of fast and professional implementation of construction works.


Basics of the technology

This technology consists in a basic 6 m x 2,5 m or 6 m x 3 m module (or other) and allows to adapt the objects to the individual needs of the investor. Individual modules that make up the facility are made at the factory with appropriate internal installations (e.g., water, sewage, heating, electrical, telecommunication, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) and have windows and doors built in. Interior spaces of the modules are finished at the production stage through the use of appropriate finishing materials for floors, walls, ceilings, and equipped with sanitary ceramics, lamps and other accessories. Depending on the type of the elevation used, it is performed partly or completely at the production stage.


Our capabilities

Hepamos implements contracts comprehensively, starting from the development of a construction project and obtaining a building permit, through production of modules at the factory, up to delivery and assembly at the destination site, as well as obtaining an occupancy permit.


Advantages of modules
The modular system allows to significantly shorten the time of investment implementation and avoid usual problems of the traditional construction methods, i.e., the purchase, transport, storage, and supervision of construction materials. An additional advantage of modular facilities is their ability to be moved to another location, as well as their easy and quick expansion.


The modular construction is widely used in the implementation of:

• office buildings
• residential and hotel buildings
• public facilities
• commercial and service pavilions
• social buildings for workplaces
• sports facilities
• technical facilities
• gatehouses, lodges, and others