Apart from standard containers, our company also offers residential containers in a folding version, which are designed for repeated assembly and disassembly. Containers have construction openings in the corners to install hook slings. At the request of the recipients, they may additionally include bays in the floor, made in accordance with ISO standards, enabling loading and unloading using forklifts.


These technical solutions are most often used in transporting containers over very long distances, in order to significantly reduce transport costs. The cost of transporting a large number of containers in the form of a “package” can be three times lower than the transport of standard containers.


The success of our products

Our company is appreciated by many clients. We produced, amongst others, folding container houses for soldiers. These containers were housing and sanitary facilities for the Polish military contingent in Iraq, Chad and Afghanistan. In addition, as part of the contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they served as humanitarian aid for the people of Lebanon. The contracts were carried out in several deliveries between 2004-2012. For more information, please check the gallery and the broader description of this project.