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District Board of Infrastructure in Krakow (RZI Krakow)
District Board of Infrastructure in Wrocław (RZI Wrocław)
District Board of Infrastructure in Zielona Góra (RZI Zielona Góra)
District Board of Infrastructure in Bydgoszcz (RZI Bydgoszcz)
Military Infrastructure Management Board in Poznań (WZI Poznań)
10th Logistics Brigade in Opole (10BLog)



In 2019, we made over a dozen highly specialized sanitary containers, the base was of the 20-foot ISO 1CC shipping container. Thanks to these requirements, the container is prepared for trouble-free shipping transport, even over long distances. The sanitary container on the ship can be stacked up to eight storeys. The container has such elements as: showers, toilets and a wash basin trough - all made of stainless steel. The object from the inside is made of sandwich panel with PIR filling - it ensures high thermal efficiency.

In addition, as part of this order, the contractor was responsible for the delivery of drainless sewage tanks for trouble-free use of the container on non-sewage areas and external stairs - to ensure safe access to the container if it was placed on the sewage tank. Such a comprehensive execution of containers - these are well-thought-out technical solutions aimed at ensuring many years of trouble-free operation.


Thanks to the positive cooperation in 2019, our company was able to make military sanitary containers also in later years. Thanks to our containers, soldiers and other people accommodated could maintain full hygiene, even in the difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. During these several years, we have made a total of 80 sanitary containers.